My Story


Hi! I am Chef LaKesha Rogers, welcome to The Culinary Journey. This has been a really fun and wild ride to get to the place of owning my own business.


I was introduced to the world of culinary arts at the age of 19 where I worked at a prominent country club in my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. In 2013, I moved to St. Louis, Missouri to continue my education at LeCordon Bleu where I completed my Associates in Applied Science and Culinary Arts. After graduating, I landed a job as a sous chef and was able to fine tune my skills and explore creatively.

Since then, I've been given opportunities to work in a variety of restaurants where I have become known for my savory dishes. From a young age, I've dreamed about becoming a chef. The dream has become my passion which has manifested into  "The Culinary Journey". 

Here at The Culinary Journey, I am all about flavor, taste and style. I currently offer custom blended spices and  catering services. I use these handcrafted spices for catering and in my own home. I've made them available to you because I believe that everyone should have access to flavorful food. Whether you are an experienced cook or just getting started, the spices were made with you in mind.